Bermuda Pro Artificial Grass is our Premium Pet Turf

Bermuda Pro artificial grass is our premium pet turf. Why? It’s because the backing on this turf is 100% flow through. Most turfs have drainage holes punched into the backing where urine can get caught between the holes, this is where the oder comes from. This artificial grass also features a dual color yarn of polyethylene to which we’ve added a natural light brown yarn as thatch. As an eco-conscious product, Bermuda Pro uses curbside recyclable backing and is lush to the touch. Visually impressive as well as tactile, this is great artificial turf, so real looking that may be the only one who knows it’s synthetic.

Like our lines of other artificial grass, Bermuda Pro has proved very popular in Mesa and Scottsdale, Arizona. For one thing, it’s made right here in the U.S.A and our management team provides quality control every step of the way. For another, it makes the ideal fringe for a putting green and has a texture that’s useful when you’re practicing chip shots. Don’t have a putting green? No problem, AZGrassman can install one for you!