Safer, Cleaner and Environmentally Greener

Artificial grass and synthetic turf has significant benefits:

No mowing.

Save time and money on maintenance. The average gas powered lawn mower can pollute as much in an hour as 10 cars! Gas emissions and yard clippings are one of the largest landfill contributions to the greenhouse effect.

No watering.

Save 65,000 gallons of water/year. The average lawn in the valley requires approximately 65,000 gallons of water each year, due to our dry climate.

Artificial grass pays off.

Approximately 70% of a water bill is made up of the water needed to keep a lawn healthy. How much money could you save in your water bill over the next 10 to 15 years? Having artificial grass or synthetic turf will cost less than having real grass, especially in cities like Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and Fountain Hills, Arizona.

No weeds, toxins, fertilizers or pesticides.

There is no need to treat with fertilizers or pesticides to keep weeds at bay. They won’t even grow! And the American-made turf we use is free of toxins and chemicals – completely safe for family, kids and pets.

Picture perfect all the time.

Artificial grass is soft, and looks and feels just like real grass. You’ll have an authentic-looking artificial lawn that is clean, low maintenance, safe from wear and tear, and available 365 days a year! With artificial grass from AZGrassman, your yard will be a beautiful area for your family and pets every day of the year. Without the hassles and expense of maintaining a natural lawn!


Pets can destroy real grass, leaving ugly discolorations and spots. Urine drains right through the artificial turf. Dog waste won’t discolor or stain the dog grass. Dogs can’t dig through it. Therefore, it reduces the incidence of allergies and dust in your home.

Low maintenance.

AZGrassman synthetic lawns and putting greens require very little maintenance. Over time your synthetic lawn may require a brushing up due to matting, simply use a push broom to brush turf up or in severe cases we offer a power broom service.

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