Optimize Practice with a Synthetic Putting Green in Your Phoenix Backyard

Putting greens are a special type of area where the right lawn can have a dramatic impact on the looks of your home. Synthetic putting greens offer versatile solutions that address your specific needs for effective practice in your backyard. We offer the options for a synthetic putting green in Phoenix that will always look great and help every golfer with their putting and chipping.

Imagine how impressive your putting green will be when it has the characteristics that look great and also add to the putting experience. This is the ideal choice for practicing your putting in your backyard with the authentic look and feel of a natural putting green.

Our greens are made with a uniquely formulated polyurethane coated backing for the most up-to-date product available today. This is an environmentally friendly product that is non-flammable, heat- and frost-resistant, UV-stabilized and with an anti-acid yarn construction that makes it resistant to attack from pests.

Look at our Photo Gallery to see how beautifully a synthetic putting green can fit into your backyard. Our variety of quality products and direct-from-the-factory low prices make us the number one choice for synthetic turf for all types of applications.

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