Driving ranges are a convenient resource where serious golfers can practice their swing or where anyone can enjoy playing for recreation. Using quality synthetic turf gives any level of golfer the option to place golf driving ranges in the space they have available. In addition, they will enjoy the many benefits of artificial grass that come with our products. At AZGrassman, we have the premium synthetic grass that will provide you with the greatest value possible whether you need commercial or residential solutions.

Getting the best results from a synthetic driving range depends on the quality of materials used, the method of construction and the experience of the company performing the installation. We take pride in offering only those products made in the United States using the most advanced manufacturing techniques. Synthetic grass is what we do so that we are experts on producing and installing the best products to meet each specific need.

Our customers who are interested in installing a synthetic driving range have unique circumstances and needs. By offering the best quality products at the best price, we make it easier for you to get affordable, low-maintenance solutions on any scale. The luxury of a backyard range where you can practice your swing may be a lot more affordable and practical than you imagined. Browse our selection of superior artificial turf and give us a call with any questions you may have. We offer the best products and the best customer service for a positive purchase experience.

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